Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Ancient Fable Society

The Ancient Fable Society (AFS) was founded in 2020 by Ursula Gärtner during the international conference on Ancient Fables held in Graz. For generations, fables have been neglected by classical philological research. This has changed in recent years. Not only is more research being done on ancient fables, but new topics are also receiving attention. While source analysis and reception research have long been the dominant methods, questions are now being asked about poetology, narratology and how the texts fit into the literary discourse of their own time. In addition, gaps in basic research are filled, for instance through new critical editions and commentaries. The AFS would like to support this development by providing a venue for the exchange of information and to facilitate collaborations between researchers working on Greek and Latin Fables from Hesiod to Neo-Latin fables.

The AFS informs about news in the field of ancient fable studies including information about upcoming events, such as lectures, conferences, and workshops, as well as job advertisements in this field of research.

The AFS website provides an overview of the latest developments in research on Greek and Latin fables. A bibliography and a list of the latest publications are made available. In addition, we offer the opportunity to announce and briefly introduce current and upcoming research projects.


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