Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Gertrude Bell Comics

She travelled round the world twice, investigated archaeological sites through the Syrian Desert to Asia Minor, and became a powerful force in Iraqi politics. Gertrude established the Iraq Museum in Baghdad, and served as the Honorary Director of Antiquities in Iraq.

These digital comics present snapshots of Gertrude’s life and work. Click on the circular hotspots to see the photos, letters, and other artefacts that inspired these comics.

Our project uses digital comics as entry points to original archive materials. We are not responsible for the content or reader-friendliness of external archives and websites. Your feedback will help us as we continue to develop this project.‌‌

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1. A Diplomat is Born

Gertrude Bell 1. A Diplomat is Born

2. To Catch a Thief

Gertrude Bell 2. To Catch a Theif

3. Friends in High Places

Gertrude Bell 3. Friends in High Places

4. The Gang's All Here

Gertrude Bell 4. The Gang's All Here

5. The Viceroy and I

Gertrude Bell 5. The Viceroy and I

6. King and Country

Gertrude Bell 6. King and Country

7. Rock of Ages

Gertrude Bell 7. Rock of Ages




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