Sunday, August 20, 2023

Codex Zacynthius: Catena, Palimpsest, Lectionary

Edited by: H.A.G. Houghton and D.C. Parker
 book: Codex Zacynthius: Catena, Palimpsest, Lectionary
Volume 21 in the series Texts and Studies (Third Series)

 This book consists of a series of studies of Codex Zacynthius (Cambridge, University Library MS Add. 10062), the earliest surviving New Testament commentary manuscript in catena format. A research project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council has produced new multispectral images of the palimpsest undertext in order to enable a thorough investigation of the manuscript and the creation of a complete electronic edition. This volume, co-authored by the members of the project, will provide a full account of the research undertaken by the project. Many advances have resulted from this research, which will be presented here for the first time in print.


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