Sunday, August 20, 2023

Paizomen: A Database of Classical Antiquity Games

Paizomen: A Database of Classical Antiquity Games

The Greek verb παίζομεν, paizomen, literally translates to ‘we play’. People increasingly engage themselves with video games, and games are evolving into an important part of everyday life. ‘We play’ therefore serves as a reflection on what has become a significant trend of our day-to-day entertainment.

However, were we to pronounce paizomen as paizōmen (Greek παίζωμεν), the translation becomes ‘let’s play’, in the adhortative subjunctive form. As games have also expanded their influence within the academic world, a rising number of scholars has already devoted their attention toward the videogame medium. ‘Let’s play’ proposes to continue the scholarly examination of video games.

This website, Paizomen, is set up with both translations in mind. It is as much an observation as it is an invitation.

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