Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Attic Inscriptions Online (AOI) update

 Attic Inscriptions Online (AOI) update

28 July 2023: Today we publish the remaining decrees of the Areopagos, Council, and People of Athens from the end of the second and the third century AD (Agora XV 460, Agora XVI 340, 341, 342, and SEG 30.82), two endowments for the Areopagos (IG II2 2773, SEG 21.510), all monuments erected for the Severan Emperors (AIO 2736, IG II3 4, 1397, IG II2 3417-3418, I Eleusis 517-518, 630, SEG 33.180, 34.185), and various other Imperial-period honorific inscriptions (IG II2 3695-3703, IG II2 5, 13273, 13281, I Eleusis 624). We also continue to expand our coverage of the demes, publishing a decree of an unidentifiable deme (Erikeia?), IG II2 1215; and revising IG II2 1362 (Pelekes?, member of the Trikomia of Eupyridai, with Eupyridai and Kropidai). We publish the only extant decrees of Gargettos, SEG 46.155, and Kephisia, SEG 32.147, and a horos marking land used as security for a loan by Kerameis, Agora XIX H92. For a full list of today's new entries see Publication 28 July 2023.

5 June 2023: This is the first release of Attic Inscriptions of Delphi (AID), a collaboration with the University of Heidelberg (Project page). We publish the Marathon base (IG I3 1463), the dedication of the Athenian Stoa (IG I3 1464), other public dedications (IG I3 1465, F.Delphes III 4, 224.2), dedications erected by the Athenian cleruchs of Samos (IG XII 6, 1 264, 263, 265), a private dedication by an Athenian (F.Delphes III 4, 204), and revise our entry for the Acanthus Column (IG II3 4, 17). We also publish a decree related to the Soteria festival (F.Delphes III 2, 140) and revise two other decrees (IG II3 1, 958, 1005), and publish a manumission record (CID V 534). For a full list of today's new entries see Publication 5 June 2023.

20 May 2023: Today we publish the decrees of the Athenian Areopagos, Council, and People from the first and second centuries AD, SEG 21.499, IG II2 1069, 1072, IG IV2 1, 82-84, Agora XV 322, 324, Agora XVI 338, two letters from the Areopagos, I Sardis VII 2 319-320, OGIS 505, an agreement on land on Salamis, SEG 55.248bis, an endowment, Puech, Orateurs 1, a statue of the Iliad, SEG 29.192, and various related statue bases. We also publish inscriptions of the demes Eitea, SEG 28.102, and Epikephisia, IG II2 1205, revise the notes to the sacrificial calendar of Erchia, SEG 21.541, and publish two decrees found in the same vicinity, IG I3 247 and IG II2 1213; and the horos SEG 63.155, from Pallene. We revise the decree of Cholargos, IG II2 1184, and a dedication commemorating honours awarded by bodies including the deme, Epieikidai, IG II3 4, 85. For a full list of today's new entries see Publication 20 May 2023.

27 April 2023: In this release we continue to expand our coverage of the Attic demes, adding two decrees (IG II2 1182, AIO 2599) and eleven other inscriptions of Myrrhinous; two decrees of Lamptrai (IG II2 1204, IG I3 256) and revising the dedication, IG II3 4, 233; a decree of the Marathonian Tetrapolis (AIO 2618), a dedication (IG II3 4, 978), and revising three other Tetrapolis inscriptions: IG II2 1243 (decree), IG II3 4, 224 (dedication), SEG 50.168 (sacrificial calendar); a security horos from Phlya, IG II2 2670; a decree (SEG 36.187) and the base of a statue of Demetrios of Phaleron (SEG 25.206) from Sphettos. A discussion of these inscriptions is available on YouTube. We also publish the grave stele with epigram now at the University of Queensland, Australia, IG II2 11659 (AIUK 15 no. 17). For a full list of today's new entries see Publication 27 April 2023.


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