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Oriental Institute Demotic Ostraca Online (O.I.D.O.O.)

[First posted in AWOL 12 August 2010, updated 31 January 2015]

Oriental Institute Demotic Ostraca Online (O.I.D.O.O.)
OIM 19023

The Oriental Institute Museum houses a large collection of nearly 900 Demotic ostraca, pottery sherds upon which ancient scribes recorded a wide variety of text types. The vast majority of the corpus concerns economic matters and consists of receipts, contracts, memos, and lists, but there is a small selection of other genres such as votive and astrological texts. With few exceptions, the material derives from the environs of Thebes and over half of the collection derives from the Oriental Institute excavations at Medinet Habu. Attested dates in the documents range from the early Ptolemaic Period (circa 285 B.C.E.) to the early Roman Period (circa 80 C.E.). Less than one third of the corpus has been published:
The O.I.D.O.O database was developed as both a scholarly research tool and a means for the publication of the unpublished Oriental Institute Demotic ostraca. It is our aim to make available all of the Demotic ostraca in this collection, both published and unpublished, to scholars worldwide in a format that will allow for complex searching and sorting criteria as well as quick and easy updating. This will be accomplished through periodic updates as additional texts are edited and entered into the database.


Download the O.I.D.O.O Database Instructions in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf)

O.I.D.O.O Database


For an up to date list of all Oriental Institute publications available online see:

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