Monday, June 26, 2023

Der lateinische ›Alexanderroman‹ des Iulius Valerius: Sprache, Erzählung, Kontext

Edited by: Hartmut Wulfram. 
book: Der lateinische ›Alexanderroman‹ des Iulius Valerius
In collaboration with: Gregor Schöffberger and Katharina-Maria Schön
Volume 101 in the series Millennium-Studien / Millennium Studies

Within the scope of the Greek-Latin Alexander romance, the Res gestae Alexandri Macedonis by Julius Valerius (early fourth century CE) stand out due to their high literary and stylistic standards. The eleven contributions in this edited volume primarily focus on issues of narrative technique, linguistic design, and intertextuality, thereby illustrating the unique features and rank of this often-neglected work in literary history.

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