Friday, January 28, 2022

Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome goes open access and paperless

ISSN: 0065-6801
EISSN: 2283-6179

The Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome contain essays on a range of subjects in the humanities, drawn from the disciplines represented in the Academy's School of Classical Studies, including archaeology, ancient studies, Greek and Latin literature, history of art, and medieval and modern Italian studies. The Memoirs, first published in 1915 and now an annual publication, continued the Supplementary Papers of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome (1905-1908), also included in this collection. The Memoirs and two other current publications of the American Academy in Rome are distributed by the University of Michigan Press; for subscription information, see

Coverage: 1915-2020 (Vol. 1 - Vol. 65)
Moving Wall: 0 years
Content for this title is released as soon as the latest issues become available to JSTOR.


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