Sunday, June 18, 2023


CIRIS is an online bibliographical database developed by Centre Jean Pépin (UMR 8230 CNRS-ENS-PSL), of which the aim is to collect and describe the editions (be it earlier or more recent ones) of non-documentary texts from Greek and Latin Antiquity.

This database, updated on a regular basis by a team of professional bibliographers, offers its own authority files for numerous items: ancient authors, titles of ancient texts, and ancient or modern editors/translators. The data is aligned and, when relevant, linked to the thesaurus of the BNF, to that of the VIAF, and to numerous other reference tools. The thesaurus of ancient authors is aligned and shared with that of the Pinakes database of the IRHT.

CIRIS is a collaborative working tool. You too, if you wish, can freely contribute to its redaction with a simple registration, using this form.


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