Monday, June 5, 2023

Digital Classicist London 2023

Digital Classicist London 2023

Institute of Classical Studies, University of London
Fridays at 17:00 UK time in room 349*, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU and all seminars broadcast live to Youtube.

June 9: Panagiota Sarischouli (Thessaloniki), NOMINA Database: Names and Orality in Magic in Antiquity (Youtube) room 349

June 16: Kevin Wong (Harvard), Antiquity for Sale: Game Engines, Asset Stores, and the Platformization of the Classical Imagination in Videogame Development (Youtube) room 349

June 23: David Bamman (Berkeley), Latin BERT: A Contextual Language Model for Classical Philology (Youtube) 349

July 14: Paola Marongiu (Neuchâtel), Barbara McGillivray (KCL), Lexical semantic change detection in Latin: a use-case on medical Latin (*ONLINE ONLY: Youtube)

July 28: Luca Brunke (Exeter), Research-based 3D reconstructions of built heritage environments (Youtube) room 349


The programme for the summer 2023 series of the Digital Classicist London seminar is now available. The seminar was organized by Gabriel Bodard (University of London), Megan Bushnell (UofL), Marco Dosi (UofL), Andrea Farina (KCL) and Paula Granados García (British Museum), and brings together presentations and discussions of innovative digital approaches to research, teaching, dissemination or engagement related to the ancient and pre-modern worlds.


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