Monday, June 19, 2023

The Liber Glossarum: A Digital Edition

 [First posted in AWOL 8 May 2017, updates 19 June 2023]

The Liber Glossarum: A Digital Edition

The Liber Glossarum is a vast encyclopaedic glossary compiled from heterogeneous materials of various kinds (patristic, exegetical, encyclopaedic, scientific, grammatical, lexicographical …) and homogeneous by nature, originating in VIIth century wisigothic Spain. It was widely circulated by the end of the VIIIth century, probably in Charlemagne’s court, and is present in Carolingian libraries such as Corbie, Reichenau, Saint-Riquier, Fleury, Lorsch, Tours and Auxerre among others. While it was a major resource for Carolingian scholars, the project of a complete edition by W.M. Lindsay resulted only in a list of lemmata and sources, so that it was not possible to read the real text of the Liber Glossarum nor to explore on a larger scale the question of its sources. This new edition is as important as the new edition of Isidore’s Etymologies. It also provides information on the way such a work was assembled and copied, and the extensive use over time of materials found in Isidore’s Sevillian scriptorium : the preparatory files underpinning Isidore’s treatises were indeed combined with thousands of Isidore's extracts to give birth to the Liber Glossarum.

How to cite this edition

Anne Grondeux and Franck Cinato (eds.), Liber Glossarum Digital, Paris, 2016 (



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