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Excavations at Surt (Medinet al-Sultan) between 1977 and 1981

Author: Fehervari, Geza
Contributor: Savage, Elizabeth (editor)
Excavations at Surt were carried out between 1977 and 1981 which uncovered the heart of the town with its mosque and workshops. In archaeological terms, North Africa in the early medieval period is almost entirely unknown. This excavation report goes some way to shedding light on the subject and so is most welcome. The Islamic city of Surt was, even at its peak during the middle and second half of the tenth century AD, a modest settlement. It was, however, a prosperous city, a commercial center with several workshops. All these were possible because the town had its own harbor in the nearby lagoon. The excavations at Surt have greatly enhanced our knowledge of the life, material culture and history of North Africa, particularly during the early Fatimid period.
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British Institute for Libyan and Northern African Studies
History of art / art & design styles
African history

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