Monday, June 17, 2024

"Court of Priests" in the North Asasif necropolis: case study of the development of Theban Late Ramesside tombs based on recent excavations.

Yaseen, Fathi

The present study introduces a previously unknown group of Late Ramesside tombs recently discovered by the author in North Asasif. Their thorough examination, description and analysis is at the core of this research. The second main objective of the study is to spotlight North Asasif as one of the major Late Ramesside areas of the Theban necropolis and one of the most desirable burial locations for the Late Ramesside priesthood. This study highlights the theological uniqueness of Late Ramesside North Asasif as a place of unity of solar-Osirian and Hathoric cults and suggests that the thematic and iconographic uniqueness of the decoration of the tombs of the North Asasif makes it possible to see them as a unit that should be studied as a distinct group.


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