Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Open Access Journal: Old World: Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia

ISSN: 2667-0755 
 Cover Old World: Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia
This is a peer-reviewed, inclusive, non-Eurocentric, multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the study of temporal, spatial, economic, social, and linguistic aspects of ancient civilizations from the Old World, namely Africa, Asia, and Europe. We want to offer a comprehensive perspective on civilizations developed in these continents in pre-modern times, from prehistory to the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire (15th century AD).

- OW is an Open Access journal, fully-funded by the Research Centre For History and Culture (RCHC).
- OW is only published in a digital format.
- Submissions by both eminent and young scholars are welcome.
- Submissions may regard any aspects of the Old World: linguistics, history, archeology, art and architecture, philology, literature, philosophy, religion, economy, sociology, anthropology, etc.
- Submissions may regard any civilizations of Africa, Asia, and Europe, developed between prehistory and the 15th century AD, that is, the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire.
- OW also takes into consideration studies of oral literature, such as proverbs and folklore, as well as field work on endangered languages, which represent the legacy of ancient traditions verbally transmitted from generation to generation.
- Scholarly reviews are welcome as well.
- Special issues may be considered for publication.
- Articles must present original work and must have been submitted exclusively to OW. 
Author: John Miksic
An Abui Case Study
Lessons from the Vedic Treebank
A Discussion on Origins, Theories, and Definitions
Author: Simona Olivieri
Medjay Desert Polities in the Third to First Millennium bce
Author: Julien Cooper

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