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Ilias Latina

Priscilla Adriane Ferreira Almeida  
A Ilíada Latina


The Ilias Latina is a Latin resume of the Iliad, made by Bebius Italicus during Neronian times. In the first century B.C, the Trojan myth became gradually unknown through Iliad since Greek was learned only by the Roman aristocracy. During the Middle Ages, the Greek language was left aside in the Occident and the Iliad was lost until Italian scholars started to learn Greek with Byzantine travelers in the XIV century. The Troy War history had been more and more known via resumes, adaptations, and Latin versions of the Iliad. This is the context in which Ilias Latina can be inserted, and it is the only work of this group that survived well preserved over the centuries. The reduction of the Homeric Iliad to only 1070 verses provokes the loss of its original depth; however, the Ilias Latina has some interesting aspects. It is possible to see clearly how Bebius Italicus understood the Iliad through the passages and aspects he chooses to transmit, as well as what is possible to understand through his omissions and innovations towards the Homeric original poem.

November 9, 2021

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