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Psychosomatic Healing and Political Healing in Plato

Luciano Coutinho  
Cura Psicossomática e Cura Política em Platão


Although Plato lived more than two thousand and three hundred years before our current date in the xxi century, his theories about the healing process are surprising for the depth and timeliness with which they are sustained, intuitive and reveal certain mysteries even to our days. It is quite frequent to find mythical images associated to the themes and reflections undertaken by the philosopher. This dialogue between myth and philosophy is a more than didactic strategy, insofar as Plato searches for what, in the myths, is valid knowledge for his theories and what, in them, needs to be changed or replaced. With the theme of healing it is no different, he resorts to an impressively rich mythical almanac in order to naturalize the healing processes considered, as a rule, magical. To understand this nuance, it is necessary to verify how the enchanted mythical images have their elements altered and/or substituted by psychological elements. This is the key to understanding the process of psychosomatic and political healing in Plato that Luciano Coutinho puts in dialogue with philosophical and scientific actuality and with his reader.

October 12, 2021

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