Thursday, May 14, 2020

Open Access Journal: Aestimatio: Critical Reviews in the History of Science

[First posted in AWOL 15 October 2009. Most recently updated 14 May 2020]

Aestimatio: Critical Reviews in the History of Science
ISSN: 1549–4497 (online)
ISSN: 1549–4470 (print) 
Aestimatio provides critical, timely assessments of books published in the history of what was called science from antiquity up to the early modern period in cultures ranging from Spain to India, and from Africa to northern Europe. The aim is to allow reviewers the opportunity to engage critically both the results of research in the history of science and how these results are obtained.

Robert Hannah The Inscriptions of the Antikythera Mechanism by AMRG 1-9
Eileen Reeves Hermes and the Telescope: In the Crucible of Galileo’€™s Life-World by Paolo Palmieri 10-18
Glen Van Brummelen Essays on Medieval Computational Astronomy by José Chabás and Bernard R. Goldstein 19-25
Fernando Q. Gouvêa Research in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics: The CHSPM 2014 Annual Meeting in St. Catherine’s, Ontario by Maria Zack and Elaine Landry edd. 26-29
Richard Lorch Islamic Astronomy and Geography by David A. King 30-31
Roger Beck Recherches Mithriaques. Quarante ans de questions et d’investigations by Robert Turcan 32-36
Matjaž Vesel Before Copernicus and Copernicus 37-79
Harry Hine Metaphorical Coherence: Studies in Seneca’s Epistulae Morales by Aron Sjöblad 80-84
Joshua J. Reynolds Divination and Human Nature: A Cognitive History of Intuition in Classical Antiquity by Peter T. Struck 85-92
Fabio Tutrone La rivoluzione culturale di Lucrezio. Filosofia e scienza nell’antica Roma by Marco Beretta 93-100
Levente László The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology: Origins and Influence by Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum 101-114
Jacqueline Feke The Circulation of Astronomical Knowledge in the Ancient World by John M. Steele 115-118
Satyanad Kichenassamy Les mathématiques de l’autel védique. Le Baudhāyana Śulbasūtra et son commentaire Śulbadīpikā by Jean-Michel Delire 119-140
Nicola Polloni The Attitude of the Medieval Latin Translators towards the Arabic Sciences by José Martínez Gázquez 141-144
William Wians Aristotle on Knowledge and Learning: The Posterior Analytics by David Bronstein 145-153
Malcolm Wilson Plutarch’s Science of Natural Problems: A Study with Commentary on Quaestiones Naturales by Michiel Meeussen 154-157
Paul T. Keyser Science in the Forest, Science in the Past by Geoffrey Lloyd and Aparecida Vilaça edd. 158-176
Philip Thibodeau The Metaphysics of the Pythagorean Theorem: Thales, Pythagoras, Engineering, Diagrams, and the Construction of the Cosmos out of Right Triangles by Robert Hahn 177-184

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