Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Open Access Journal: Annual Review of the The British Institute of Persian Studies

Celebrating its sixtieth anniversary in 2021, the British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS) is the UK’s foremost learned society dedicated to promoting and supporting scholarship and research excellence on all aspects of Iran and the wider Persianate world, and to increasing public understanding and knowledge of this region. The Persianate world includes territories historically associated with Persian and Iranian culture and language: Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Transcaucasia, Iraq, the Persian Gulf littoral, and South Asia. BIPS supports humanities and social sciences research into this region, including but not limited to Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Classics, Cultural Studies, History, Language, Linguistics, Politics, Religious Studies, and Sociology.

Click through to download the British Institute of Persian Studies Annual Review as a PDF document.


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