Saturday, November 18, 2023

Reading Greek and Hellenistic-Roman Spolia: Objects, Appropriation and Cultural Change

Cover Reading Greek and Hellenistic-Roman Spolia

Series: Euhormos: Greco-Roman Studies in Anchoring Innovation, Volume: 5

lundering and taking home precious objects from a defeated enemy was a widespread activity in the Greek and Hellenistic-Roman world. In this volume literary critics, historians and archaeologists join forces in investigating this phenomenon in terms of appropriation and cultural change. In-depth interpretations of famous ancient spoliations, like that of the Greeks after Plataea or the Romans after the capture of Jerusalem, reveal a fascinating paradox: while the material record shows an eager incorporation of new objects, the texts display abhorrence of the negative effects they were thought to bring along. As this volume demonstrates, both reactions testify to the crucial innovative impact objects from abroad may have. 



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