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Goetz’s Corpus glossariorum Latinorum Online (CGLO)

With annotations by Wilhelm C. Heraeus and Wallace M. Lindsay
Presented in digital form by Franck Cinato (Centre national de la recherche scientifique UMR 7597 HTL laboratoire d'Histoire des Théories Linguistiques) and Adam Gitner (Thesaurus linguae Latinae, Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities)

This website provides interim access to the PDF files and information about the project while a more sophisticated interface is under development. The PDFs are scans of the annotated copies of Gustav Loewe and Georg Goetz (eds.), Corpus glossariorum Latinorum (7 volumes; Leipzig: Teubner, 1888–1923) found in the Thesaurus linguae Latinae Library. There are two parts.

(1) The Heraeus material consists of all seven volumes of CGL with marginal annotations by Wilhelm C. Heraeus (1862–1938), who produced its index Graeco-Latinus (CGL VII:439–687) and index Anglosaxonico-Latinus (CGL VII:689–714). The many handwritten annotations in these volumes contain cross-references, linguistic explanations, comparative evidence, and conjectural emendations.

(2) The Lindsay material consists of part of the CGL Latin index (Thesaurus glossarum emendatarum in VI:429–754 and VII:1–433), covering the letters F to Z. This section of the index was interleaved by Wallace M. Lindsay (1838–1937), who added cross-references to material printed in his Glossaria Latina (5 volumes; 1926–1931), which often overlaps, but sometimes supplements the CGL (NB: there is a supplement to the Thesaurus glossarum emendatarum at CGL I:393–431).

The larger files in higher resolution allow better reading of the marginalia. The smaller versions mainly provide access to the printed text of CGL.

An analytic table of contents in Excel format of each volume is available here.

PDF Files

CGL with Heraeus marginalia

CGL I (large with OCR/small): G. Goetz, De glossariorum Latinorum origine et fatis (1923)

CGL II (large with OCR/small): G. Goetz, G. Gundermann, Glossae Latinograecae et Graecolatinae. Accedunt minora utriusque linguae glossaria (1888)

CGL III (large with OCR/small): G. Goetz, Hermeneumata Pseudodositheana. Accedunt hermeneumata medicobotanica vetustiora (1892)

CGL IV (large with OCR/small): G. Goetz, Glossae codicum Vaticani 3321, Sangallensis 912, Leidensis 67F (1889)

CGL V (large with OCR/small): G. Goetz, Placidus Liber glossarum, glossaria reliqua (1894)

CGL VI (large with OCR/small): G. Goetz, Thesaurus glossarum emendatarum. Pars prior [A–N] (1899)

CGL VII (large with OCR/small): G. Goetz and W. Heraeus, Thesaurus glossarum emendatarum. Pars posterior. Accedit index Graeco-Latinus et index Anglosaxonico-Latinus [O-Z, graeca + anglosaxonica] (1901)

CGL Thesaurus with Lindsay addenda

CGL VI, pages 429–754 (large with OCR/small): Thesaurus glossarum emendatarum [F–N, addenda sporadic until H]

CGL VII, pages 1–433 (large with OCR/small): Thesaurus glossarum emendatarum [O–Z]



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