Friday, November 17, 2023


MANTO is a dynamic digital portal of Greek myth.

It allows anyone to access, explore, and understand a storytelling tradition that extends over 2500 years.

MANTO provides authoritative data for researchers that will make big questions about the dynamics of myth answerable at unprecedented scale.

MANTO currently includes data from these ancient texts:

Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound, Seven Against Thebes

Apollodoros, Library and Epitome

Bacchylides, Odes, Dithyrambs, fragments

Callimachus, Hymns

Dionysios, Periegesis

D-Scholia to the Iliad bks 1-10

Epic fragments (Oedipodia, Thebaid, Epigonoi, Alcmaionid, Cypria, Aithiopis, Little Iliad, Sack of Troy, Nostoi, Telegony, Heracleia, Theseis, Theogony, Corinthaica, Naupactica, Phoronis etc)

Euripides, Alcestis, Cyclops, Hippolytos, Medeia, Phoinician Women, Suppliant Women, Trojan Women

Hesiod (and Hesiodic corpus), Ehoiai (Catalogue of Women), Shield of Heracles, Theogony, Works & Days and fragments

Homer, Iliad and Odyssey

the Homeric Hymns

Lindos Chronicle

Lucian, Astrology

Lyric fragments (Myrtis, Corinna, Timocreon, Lamprocles, Ion of Chios etc)

Pausanias, Periegesis

Peri Apiston treatises (Palaiphatos, Heraclitus, Anonymous Excerpta Vaticana)

Pindar, Odes and fragments

Pomponius Mela, Chorographia

Plutarch, Life of Theseus

Ps-Plutarch, On Rivers

Strabo, Geography bks 1-4, 7-10, 14-17

Vergil, Eclogues

…with more to come

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