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Dinámicas sociales y roles entre mujeres: Percepciones en grupos de parentesco y espacios domésticos en el Oriente antiguo

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Dinámicas sociales y roles entre mujeres aims to revaluate the importance of women as active and powerful social agents in the definition of ancient cultures, their contribution to the economic and social development of the community and to the position, reputation, and prestige of their families. By engaging new theoretical and methodological frameworks from anthropological and gender studies, developed in the last decade, this book compiles an unparalleled set of papers with a well-defined common goal: to deepen the idea of women as key economic and cultural actors in the maintenance and development of ancient Oriental societies. The book derives from an international conference held on 11-12 March 2021 at the University of Alcalá (UAH), in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain), completed by further articles received from scholars from different institutions and disciplines. Overall, the contributions aim to critique previous positions and methods and to propose new avenues of research and approaches in a series of case studies. Furthermore, the theoretical and interpretative frameworks they develop will have relevance for other women's historical studies as well as for related disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy, political science and gender studies in their interdisciplinary approach.

H 276 x W 203 mm

220 pages

17 figures, 1 table

Published Jul 2023

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803274997

Digital: 9781803275000

DOI 10.32028/9781803274997



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