Thursday, April 28, 2022

Sun Temples Project

The “Sun Temples Project” is an interdisciplinary endeavor that aims at deepening our knowledge of a so far unparalleled category of royal monuments in ancient Egyptian history, the so-called “sun temples” of the Fifth Dynasty (mid-Third Millennium BC).

Solar cult was a characteristic features of ancient Egyptian history ever since its beginning. Only in the Fifth Dynasty, however, this cult took over any other forms of royal patronaged cults, stimulating the creation of a new type of building, which will have dramatic consequences in the architecture and religion of the ages to come.

Despite their importance, our knowledge of Sun Temples is still blurred, especially when we consider that out of the 6 temples known from historical sources, only 2 have been unearthed so far. Out of them, only one – the sun temple of Niuserra, located in the site of Abu Ghurab, c. 20 km south of modern-day Cairo – is still preserved enough today to give us an idea of how these temples should look like.

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