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LXX Bibliography (2012-)

This page presents a bibliography of Septuagint scholarship from 2012 to the present. I keep it updated as much as possible, but there are always gaps and I’m always a little behind. If you know of something that should be listed here but isn’t, please let me know and I’ll add it.

I began compiling this bibliography a few years ago but didn’t make much headway. It was not until I began writing my article “The Past Decade in Septuagint Research” for Currents in Biblical Research (forthcoming) that I had to get serious about bibliography. Thankfully, I had an extremely competent teaching assistant who was willing to help with that side of the task. Credit for the majority of the work represented in the bibliography compiled below therefore goes to Joey Hyatt. I’m very grateful to him for his labor, and I’m sure many others will be too.


For the record, the categories are adopted with some modifications from Dogniez’s bibliography (see below). Note too that some things have been listed more than once if they touch on more than one category.

1. General Introductions
2. Handbooks & Companions
3. Editions
4. Translations
5. Commentaries
6. Conference Proceedings
7. New Series
8. Wordlists, Lexicons & Grammars
9. History of the LXX in Ancient Judaism
10. Letter of Aristeas
11. Theological Exegesis/Theology of the LXX
12. LXX and the Biblical Canon
13. LXX and Scriptural Inspiration
14. The Language of the LXX
15. Translation Studies
16. LXX Textual Criticism
17. LXX and Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism
18. LXX and Qumran/Dead Sea Scrolls
19. LXX and the Targums
20. LXX and the Peshitta
21. LXX and the New Testament
22. LXX & Philo
23. LXX & Josephus
24. LXX & the Patristic Era
25. LXX & Jerome
26. Textual Witnesses
27. Textual Transmission
28. Revisions
29. Recensions
30. Origen and the Hexapla
31. (Proto-)Lucianic/Antiochene Recension
32. Versions/Daughter/Sub-Versions
33. Personalia and History of Scholarship

Bibliographical Background

There is a tradition within Septuagint scholarship of maintaining a bibliography of works in the discipline. This process began with the yeoman’s work of the scholars who helped launch the IOSCS, and it has been picked up in various intervals by various scholars ever since. Here’s the thread:

  • Premodern Period | Léonas, Alexis. “The Septuagint in Premodern Study: A Bibliography.” Bulletin of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies 41 (2008): 93-113.
  • ca. 1860-1969 | Brock, Sebastian P., Charles T. Fritsch, and Sidney Jellicoe (eds.), A Classified Bibliography of the Septuagint. Leiden: Brill, 1973.
  • 1906-1986 | Tov, Emanuel. A Classified Bibliography of Lexical and Grammatical Studies on the Language of the Septuagint and Its Revisions. Jerusalem: Academon, 1983.
  • 1970-1993 | Dogniez, Cécile. Biliography of the Septuagint / Bibliographie De La Septante (1970-1993). VTSup 60. Leiden: Brill, 1995.
  • 1968-1997 | Greenspoon, Leonard. “It’s All Greek to Me’: Septuagint Studies Sine 1968.” Currents in Biblical Research 5 (1997): 147-174.
  • 1997-2012 | De Troyer, Kristin. “The Seventy-Two and Their Many Grandchildren: A Review of Septuagint Studies from 1997 Onward.” Currents in Biblical Research 11 (2012): 8-64.

There are a few other resources worth noting as well, including:

  • Marcus Sigismund, “Index zu den Artikeln und Buchrezensionen in BIOSCS und JSCS 1 (1968) – 50 (2017) ergänzt bis JSCS 52 (2018) von Siegfried Kreuzer (available here)
  • Jellicoe, Sidney. “Septuagint Studies in the Current Century.” Journal of Biblical Literature 88.2 (1969): 191-99.
  • Lust, Johann, “Selective Bibliography of the Septuagint.”
  • United Bible Societies, “Septuagint Bibliography” (mainly 1990-2002)
  • Wevers, J. William (1954), “Septuaginta-Forschungen,” TRu 22: 85–138.
  • Wevers, J. William (1968), “Septuaginta Forschungen Seit 1954,” TRu 33: 18–76.
  • Jones, Jennifer Brown (2021). “The Septuagint and Contemporary Study.” Pages 381-369 in William A. Ross and W. Edward Glenny (eds.), T&T Clark Handbook of Septuagint Research. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark.
  • Ken Penner and others have a very large LXX bibliography on Zotero.



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