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Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology publications accessible on-line

Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology publications accessible on-line
The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology produces quality books and periodicals that record the results of archaeological excavation and conservation projects carried out by the Centre’s expeditions — mainly in Egypt and Sudan, but also in Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Kuwait and Iran. All submitted publications are subjected to preliminary qualifying evaluation by members of the Editorial Board and the International Advisory Board, and to double-blind reviewing procedures.
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean: volumes 1–19 at PAM Journal; issues starting with volume 17 at C.E.E.O.L.
Studia Palmyreńskie: volume 11 at journal's website.
Seventy Years of Polish Archaeology in Egypt: the book can be found on our Additional Materials page.
An array of plates, booklets and folders from exhibitions etc. can also be found among the Additional Materials.

PCMA Archaeological Guides are concise, richly-illustrated overviews of the history and material culture of chosen sites, based on up-to-date research. They will satisfy the needs of students who look for a scholarly, yet user-friendly introduction to the site and its background and for enthusiasts of the history and archaeology of the region. Travelers planning a journey off the beaten track will find it a first-rate (and often the only available) source of information on the historical monuments they are about to visit. The series was established in 2013.
Popular publications are occasional publications (books and booklets) popularizing PCMA research.
As-Sabbiyah 2007-2010. Kuwaiti-Polish Archaeological Investigations in Northern Kuwait, Warsaw - Al- Jahra 2011
From Byzantine Mosaics to Medieval Paintings. Fifteen years of Polish-Lebanese cooperation in archaeology and conservation 1996-2011, Beirut 2012

Nea Paphos. 50 Years of Polish Excavations 1965-2015

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