Tuesday, April 12, 2022

ICS Ehrenberg 3D Collection

The Combined Classics Library (Institute of Classical Studies, University of London and Hellenic and Roman Library) holds a collection of c. 150 small antiquities, mostly Greek and Roman ceramics, bequeathed by Victor Ehrenberg in 1976, on the condition that they be used for handling and teaching. Since 2019 the Library and Institute have been collaborating on a project to use the collection in teaching and training of 3D methods, involving students, workshop participants, and internships or placements. 3D models that are produced as a result of this project, mostly using photogrammetry, are uploaded to the collection on Sketchfab under a Creative Commons license. This project meets both Ehrenberg's condition of using the objects for teaching and handling, and increases access to and engagement with the collection and the Classics Library as a whole.


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