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Classical Archaeology and Art History Commons

[First posted in AWOL 3 August 2017, updated 26 April 2022]

Classical Archaeology and Art History Commons

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1. Northeast Insulae Project: Context And Analysis, Mark Schuler 2021 Concordia University, St. Paul

The Unwelcome Guest: Envy And Shame Materialized In A Roman Villa, Andrew Scholtz 2021 Binghamton University--SUNY

Li Pittori Parlano Con L’Opere: Visualizing Poetry In Practice In Early Modern Italian Art, James Hutson 2021  Lindenwood University

Empire, Autochthony, And Identity In Fifth-Century Athens, 2021 Kennesaw State University

Excavations At North Field Poster, Sydney G. Durham 2021 Western University

John Laurens: An Artist Rediscovered In The Ethelind Pope Brown Collection, Nicole Alexandra Gerth 2021  University of South Carolina

Byzantine And Islamic Influences On The Art And Architecture Of The Basilica Di San Marco In Venice, Suzie Hanny 2021  Lindenwood University

The Changing Role Of The French Court As Seen In Medieval Millefleurs Tapestry, Kelsey Cook 2021  Lindenwood University

Political Propaganda On Imperial Coinage In The Age Of Augustus, Juliana Maria Ketting 2021  Union College- Schenectady

Satyr Imagery On Greek Wine Vessels: Simple Depiction Of Religious Narrative Or Symbolic Message Of Moderation?, Natalie Grace Ginez 2021 Dickinson College

Towers Of Mystery: The Iron Age Broch Towers Of Atlantic Scotland, James Bruce Norton 2021 Dickinson College

Greco-Roman Paganism And Women Leaders: The Foundation Of Early Christian Art, Rowan Murry 2021 University of Mississippi

Monstrosity In Religious Art: An Analysis Of Hieronymus Bosch’S Temptation Of Saint Anthony, Jennifer Beaudoin 2021  Lindenwood University

The Life And Times Of The Berlin Secession Podcast, Chris Kitamura 2021  Lindenwood University

Female Pharaohs And Divine Advocacy, Stephanie Jost 2021  Lindenwood University

Women In Livy And Tacitus, STEPHEN ALEXANDER PREVOZNIK 2021 Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH

Fine Roman Dining At Affordable Pompeian Prices: A New Evaluation Of The Non-Domestic Gardens Of Pompeii, Claire Campbell 2021 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Saga Beyond The Gate: Chapter One, The Coming Of The Gate Ghost, Tristan B. Miller 2021  Missouri State University

Isabella D’Este's Evolution Of Art Patronage: A Study Of A Renaissance Woman Through Iconographic And Feminist Perspectives, Katie Reinkemeyer 2021  Lindenwood University

Athenian Graffiti And The Right To The City: The Illegal Practice Of Public Space Reclamation, Lillia Schmidt 2021 Trinity College


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