Thursday, April 21, 2022

Greek Naming in Egypt Conference

Greek Naming in Egypt Conference

Papers presented at the 'Greek Naming in Egypt' conference organised by LGPN in Oxford, 29-30 March 2022: 

1. Introduction (00:00

2. Greek Names in Egypt: An Overview Based on Trismegistos People (24:04

3. Greek Names of Egypt (01:11:39

4. Phonetic Variants of Greek Names in Demotic: A Survey Based on LGPN Data (01:56:36

5. Revisiting Hybrid Names: Global Trends, Peculiar Cases and the Byzantine Period (02:37:55

6. Egyptian Cross-Gender Names in Greco-Roman Dime and Beyond (03:25:43

7. Christian Naming in Egypt (04:00:46

8. Greek Names in Coptic (04:47:16

9. Naming Practices in the Jewish Communities of Egypt (05:34:56

10. Onomastics and Classical Culture in Egypt's Western Oases (06:12:18) 11. Closing Remarks (06:39:35)


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