Wednesday, April 6, 2022

MastaBase: a research tool for the study of 'daily life' scenes in Old Kingdom elite tombs

The MastaBase CD-ROM can now be downloaded from online repository Zenodo.

The Leiden Mastaba Project was initiated in 1998 to develop a coherent database of iconographic programmes in Old Kingdom elite tombs from the Memphite area (c. 2600-2150 BCE).

The project was directed by dr. René van Walsem and partly funded by NWO and LUF/Gratama. Hans van den Berg and drs. Marije Vugts played a vital role in its development.

In 2008, the database was published on CD-ROM.

Study group
In 2014, the Leiden Mastaba Study Group was formed to make the original version of MastaBase accessible online, but turned into a reading and discussion group about anything mastaba-related.


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