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Simtho: The Syriac Thesaurus

Simtho: The Syriac Thesaurus
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Simtho: The Syriac Thesaurus is a medium-size database of Syriac literary texts. The Beta version was launched at AAR/SBL in San Diego in 2019 and consists of 7.3 million tokens (ca. 6.5 million words). Users can search the corpus using different methods: simple word and phrase search, regular expressions, and a Corpus Query Language. Search operations can be filtered by a rich set of metadata fields such as author, composition date periods, genre, poetic meter (when applicable), and much more. In addition to concordance results, users can find collocations and frequencies of occurrence. Search results can be saved or exported in text and XML formats. Simtho is freely available online. Volunteers who are interested in helping can read the Call for Volunteers and Call for Texts sections below.

The Thesaurus by the Numbers…






Unique Words



The Team

  • George A. Kiraz (Beth Mardutho and Institute for Advanced Study, Princeon), Simtho Editor-in-Chief
  • Johan M. V. Lundberg (University of Cambridge), Seibel Digital Humanities Fellow, 2019
  • Shelby Loster (Fuller Theological Seminary), Seibel Digital Humanities Fellow, 2019–2020
  • Sebastian P. Brock (University of Oxford, Emeritus), Senior Advisor
  • William Clocksin (University of Hertfordshire), OCR Specialist
  • Slavomír Čéplö (Austrian Academy of Sciences / Slovak Academy of Sciences), Corpus Building and Management Specialist
  • William Bunce (University of Oxford), Dr. Khalid and Mrs. Amira Dinno Digital Humanities Fellow, Summer 2019
  • Patrick Conlin, Beth Mardutho Work-Study Fellow, Summer 2019

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