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Open Access Journal: FOLD&R (Fasti On Line Documents & Research)

[First posted in AWOL 30 April 2012, updated 3 March 2020] 

FOLD&R (Fasti On Line Documents & Research)
ISSN: 1828-3179  (Italy Series)
ISSN: 2412-5229 (Conservation Series)

FOLD&R is an archaeological journal published since 2004 by the International Association for Classical Archaeology in collaboration with the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.
The journal is dedicated to the proposition that reports on all excavations should be easily available to the general public. It is a peer-reviewed journal, with an editorial board that covers all of the archaeological disciplines. We welcome illustrated submissions, in English, Italian, French, Spanish or German, on recent Italian excavations or geophysical or surface surveys of individual sites. We guarantee a rapid review of the material, which, after any agreed changes, should be published within a month. Two sets of proofs will be submitted for correction by the authors. The reviewers are asked to address the scientific validity and presentation of the submission rather than the scale or importance of the excavation; all excavations are important. No translation is offered, but we are willing to advise on translators for anyone who wishes to publish their text in another language.
An on-line journal follows the same rules as those on paper from both an academic and a juridical point of view. Publications on FOLD&R are thus valid from the point of view of a personal curriculum and should be cited just like other publications. The law protects the intellectual property of the author and the journal. Texts are published in a pdf format, and they can be consulted online, with Acrobat Reader, and downloaded for printing and circulation to colleagues. Texts can be republished by their authors (although only by the authors) without permission from the review; however, we request that the first publication be credited to FOLD&R.

Texts and illustrations, in colour or black and white, should be sent to Helga Di Giuseppe, Piazza San Marco 49, Rome 00186 (tel. 39-06 68683399), or by email to helga.digiuseppe@aiac.org, The illustrations may be sent either as digital or paper files. If the site in question is not already part of the Fasti Online it must be accompanied by a completed Record Sheet

We will register each FOLD&R article at the CNR central library, the Biblioteca Centrale “G. Marconi”, that has established a database, SOLAR, which registers the deposition of digital scientific publications. Registration and certification by the CNR guarantees the author and the preservation of the work. We assume that the authors of submissions will authorize the deposition of their texts. The authors will receive, via email, the certificate of deposition, which can be annexed to their own FOLD&R for distribution.
FOLD&R Italy
The 5 most recently published FOLD&Rs
  • 461 - Federica Boschi - Università di Bologna, Ilaria Venanzoni - Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici delle Marche, Vincenzo Baldoni - Università di Bologna, Michele Scalici, Università di Bologna, Michele Silani - Università di Bologna. 2020. Il progetto ArcheoNevola e la pianificazione di una scoperta: la tomba di un principe Piceno a Corinaldo (Ancona) . PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 460 - Mara Migliavacca, consulente scientifico Museo Civico “Domenico Dal Lago” di Valdagno; docente a contratto presso Università degli Studi di Padova, Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali.. 2020. Il sito di Uomo della Roccia (Muzzolon di Cornedo, Vicenza). Campagne 2015-2018 . PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 459 - Michelle Hobart, Alessandro Carabia . 2020. Excavation at Castellaraccio (Civitella-Paganico – GR) 2018. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 458 - Elena Chirico. 2020. La mansio di Hasta ad Alberese (GR, Toscana, Italia). PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 457 - Adolfo Panarello. 2020. Note preliminari sui resti di una struttura muraria in opera poligonale di epoca repubblicana nel basamento della Chiesa di S. Bartolomeo – Frazione Sipicciano di Galluccio (Provincia di Caserta – Italia centro-meridionale) . PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • FOLD&R Archaeological Conservation Series

      The 5 most recently published FOLD&Rs
    • 5 - Albrecht Matthaei (Consulente Scienti co del PSPP), Anna Anguissola (Università di Pisa), Ralf Kilian (Fraunhofer IBP), Monica Martelli Castaldi (Consulente Restauratrice del PSPP), Sara Saba (Fraunhofer IBP), Erwin Emmerling, Prof. Dr. Daniele Malfitana (Istituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali des CNR), Antonino Mazzaglia, Giovanni Leucci, Giovanni Fragalà, Lara De Giorgi, Danilo P. Pavone, Samuele Barone, Salvatore Russo. 2017. Pompeii Sustainable Preservation Project: i lavori del 2015 e il futuro del progetto. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • 4 - Alaa el Habashi, Tarik Moujoud, Abdessalam Zizouni. 2016. The Conservation and Reconstruction of the Islamic Bath at Volubilis, Morocco. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • 3 - Stefano De Caro. 2015. Excavation and conservation at Pompeii: a conflicted history.. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • 2 - Michele Asciutti. 2015. Restauro, riqualificazione e valorizzazione di aree di scavo archeologico: Valle del Colosseo/Palatino nord-orientale . PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • 1 - Sergio Palladino, Laura Bottiglieri. 2015. Ricostruzione e restituzione tridimensionale del corridoio e del viridarium della domus dei Valerii sul Celio, dagli scavi nell’Ospedale dell’Addolorata. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet

    • FOLD&R Archaeological Survey Series

      The 5 most recently published FOLD&Rs
    • 11 - Aomar Akerraz – Gaetano Palumbo – Abdelaziz El Khayari – Layla es-Sadra – Victoria Amoros-Ruiz – Abdeljalil Bouzouggar – Jose Cristobal Carvajal Lopez – Anke Lizbeth Cross – Abdallah Fili – Richard Fletcher – Fabio Parenti – Frank Stremke – Simone Belarmino – Fadoua Benjaâfar – Youssef Djellal – Mikel Herrán Subiñas – Devin Johnson – Hesham Moustafa Mohamed Nasr – Zayd Ouakrim – El Mehdi Sehasseh. 2020. The Transformation of the Moroccan Landscape in the Early Islamic Period. Preliminary report on the 2017-2018 fieldwork. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • 10 - Alberto Cazzella – Rachele Modesto –Vittorio Mironti – Claudia Sabbini – Enrico Lucci. 2019. L’ambiente montano appenninico tra Paleolitico medio ed età del Bronzo: nuovi dati dal “Molise Survey Project”. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • 9 - Federica Boschi (University of Bologna, Department of History and Cultures). 2018. Filling in the gaps: half-hidden pre-Roman settlements in the northern Marche (Italy). PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • 8 - Francesco Martorella. 2018. Tracce di urbanizzazione nella vallata mediana della città di Eraclea. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    • 7 - Linda R. Gosner – Alexander J. Smith. 2018. Landscape Use and Local Settlement at the Nuraghe S’Urachi (West-Central Sardinia): Results from the First Two Seasons of Site Survey (2014-2015). PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
    •  See also FASTI

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