Thursday, March 19, 2020

Egypt Exploration Society: New online events launched

Egypt Exploration Society: New online events launched
Following the successful trial of online webinars from the EES, we will be launching a programme of online lectures during our closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

These lectures will be provided for free over the next two weeks in order to ensure that our supporters around the world have a good reason to stay at home, stay motivated, and stay active. We hope that this stimulates responsible online socialising focused around topics that we are all passionate about. Each webinar has a chat facility so you can participate in the lecture and ask questions of the presenter and other attendees.
ART.212, Arab tombs near Siout by Amelia Edwards, 1877The first lectures will focus on the EES, its history, and collections
Webinars have a maximum attendance capacity of 100, so please only sign up if you’re confident that you can attend. We will repeat webinars, rather than record them, so that people can experience greater engagement with other participants. They will be repeated at different times during the day (including early morning and evening in the UK) so that supporters around the world can choose a time that suits them.
Lectures will also cover recent archive projects and fundraising appeals
Don’t forget, if you know people around you that might be interested in these webinars then feel free to share the links with them.

During this difficult time of self-isolation, we would like to thank you for your patience if any technical problems happen and want to reassure all of our supporters that we are here to help where we can.

Visit our events listings to see which webinars you can register to attend.

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