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Online teaching help kit for Classics colleagues from the Department of Classical Studies at The Open University

Online teaching help kit for Classics colleagues from the Department of Classical Studies at The Open University
In the current health crisis, Classics colleagues all over the world are being asked to rapidly switch to online teaching. There is already a great deal of help out there, and we don’t want to replicate that, but the following is a list of resources that the Open University and FutureLearn has that might be useful to you. NB: some of the Classical material is pretty old – we’re hoping it still has paedagogical value nonetheless; this list was put together in a hurry so please excuse any formatting errors.

General guidance and help with distance learning:

OU advice page on taking your teaching online
Free course: Take Your Teaching Online
Advice on how to be an online student

Online Classical resources you can use in your teaching:


Introducing Greek and Latin: short course with various materials
Introducing Ancient Greekshort unit on the alphabet, pronunciation, using letters to form words and using words to form simple sentences.
Greek Vocabulary Tester: OU/Eton collaboration based on Reading Greek 
Reading Classical Greekinteractive quizzes based on Reading Greek
Introducing Classical Latin: short unit on basic vocabulary, basic principles of Latin word order and sentence structure
Interactive Latinquiz on Latin noun, verb and adjective endings
Getting started on Classical Latin: free online course with beginners’ materials
The development of the Latin language: discussion of how Latin developed into modern Romance languages
Continuing Classical Latin: short online course


Plato on Tradition and Belief: free online course with usable structured content
Iliad and Odyssey: animated videos
Aeschylus’ Persians: short animated summary
Aristophanes’ Lysistrata: short animated summary
Oedipus: The message in the myth: online text
Encountering a Greek Vase: video
Introduction to Antigone: video
Greek Theatre: podcast
Greek Comedy: podcasts and videos
Acropolis and Parthenon: podcast
Herodotus: various materials
Greek Myth and Dr Who: article
Icarus Myth: free online course with various materials
Introduction to the Iliad: short online course with various materials


Myth at the heart of the Roman Empire: podcast
Introduction to Virgil’s Aeneid: free online course with various materials
Buildings of ancient Rome: podcast
Mosaics at Brading Villa: videos
Hadrian: The Roamin’ Emperor: online game
Learning from human remains: an Etruscan skeleton: podcast
Power and People in Ancient Rome (a study of the arena, baths etc.): podcast
Roman funerary monuments: podcast
Hadrian’s Rome: free course with lots of materials
Ovid and Holkham Hall: podcast
Graffiti in Pompeii: video
Thugga: Romano-African City: free course with various materials


Introducing the Classical World: free course with lots of material on sourcework
Exploring the classical world through the texts of Homer, Catullus, Horace, and Juvenal: podcast
Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World: short course
The Graeco-Roman city of Paestum: podcast
Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds: the Temple of Diana at Nemi: podcast
The Library of Alexandria: short online course with usable material
The Body in Antiquity: short online course with usable material
Reception: Pygmalion meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer: podcast

CLASSICS CONFIDENTIAL: 150 free videos of interviews with leading scholars on a variety of Classics topics

(including Greek drama, ancient food, medicine and dress, reception of ancient myth and literature, Roman Egypt, Greek democracy, ancient philosophy, Winckelmann, Greek vases, Sparta, Pompeii, gardens and lots more!)

Audio discussions on Ancient Religion on the Baron Thyssen Centre webpage

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