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Digitized Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL) at Arachne

 [First posted in AWOL 30 January 2012.  Most recently updated 27 March 2020]

Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL)
The Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL) is a comprehensive collection of ancient Latin inscriptions from all corners of the Roman Empire. Public and personal inscriptions throw light on all aspects of Roman life and history. The Corpus continues to be updated with new editions and supplements by the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften.
This digitized version of the CIL will initially comprise of the more than 50 parts (of vols. I-XVI + auctaria and of v. I (edition altera)) published before 1940. Available funding covers the digitization of the volumes with an imperfect OCR searching capability. The goal is to eventually create a keyword searchable database to contain also future volumes of the CIL as they fall outside of copyright restrictions and to eventually do the same for the Inscriptiones Graecae.
The printed version of the CIL presently consists of 17 volumes in approximately 70 parts, recording some 180,000 inscriptions. Thirteen supplementary volumes have plates and specialized indices. The first volume, in two sections, covered the oldest inscriptions, to the end of the Roman Republic; volumes II to XIV are divided geographically, according to the regions where the inscriptions were found and within these divisions also by inscription type. A two-volume "Index of Numbers," correlating inscription numbers with volume numbers, was published in 2003.


In 2009 the Heads of the libraries of the American Academy in Rome, Rebecka Lindau, and École Française de Rome, Yannick Nexon, met to discuss the possibility of digitizing the volumes of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum currently out of copyright. This had been a desire of both for a long time. Soon the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut and the Head of its library, Thomas Fröhlich, joined the project. Providing a server to host the volumes was more of a challenge. The DAI and Reinhard Foertsch at the University of Cologne came to the rescue with their object database Arachne, which is dynamically connected to international aggregators such as Claros or the multinational European project Carare, and freely available on the Web.
The members of the project are:
Rebecka Lindau ( and Paolo Imperatori (, the American Academy in Rome; Thomas Fröhlich ( and Paola Gulinelli (, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut; Elena Avellino (, l’École française de Rome; Reinhard Foertsch (, Universität zu Köln (for Arachne).
The project partners are grateful to Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, Svenska Institutet i Rom, and the British School at Rome for lending some volumes for scanning.

The following volumes are online:

Title Parts
vol. I Inscriptiones Latinae antiquissimae ad C. Caesaris mortem.1863  

vol. I² Inscriptiones Latinae antiquissimae ad C. Caesaris mortem. pars I Fasti consulares ad a. u. c. DCCLXVI. Elogia clarorum virorum. Fasti anni Iuliani. Cura TH. MOMMSEN, W. HENZEN, CHR. HUELSEN. 1893
  pars II, fasc. I Inscriptiones Latinae antiquissimae. Cura E. LOMMATZSCH. 1918
  pars II, fasc. II Addenda. Nummi. Indices. Cura E. LOMMATZSCH, H. DESSAU.

vol. II Inscriptiones Hispaniae Latinae. Edidit AEM. HÜBNER. 1869  
  Supplementum. 1892

vol. III Inscriptiones Asiae, provinciarum Europae Graecarum, Illyrici Latinae. Edidit TH. MOMMSEN. 1873 pars I Inscriptiones Aegypti et Asiae. Inscriptiones provinciarum Europae Graecarum. Inscriptionum Illyrici partes I-V
  pars II Inscriptionum Illyrici partes VI. VII. Res gestae divi Augusti. Edictum Diocletiani de pretiis rerum. Privilegia militum veteranorumque. Instrumenta Dacica
  Supplementum. Inscriptionum Orientis et Illyrici Latinarum supplementum. Edid. TH. MOMMSEN, O. HIRSCHFELD, A. DOMASZEWSKI pars I (fasc. I-III. 1889 1893). 1902.
  Supplementum. Inscriptionum Orientis et Illyrici Latinarum supplementum. Edid. TH. MOMMSEN, O. HIRSCHFELD, A. DOMASZEWSKI pars II (fasc. IV-V). 1902 (impr. iter. 1967)

vol. IV Inscriptiones parietariae Pompeianae Herculanenses Stabianae. Edid. C. ZANGEMEISTER, R. SCHOENE. 1871  
  Supplementi pars I Tabulae ceratae Pompeiis repertae. Edidit C. ZANGEMEISTER. 1898
  Supplementi pars II Inscriptiones parietariae et vasorum fictilium. Edidit A. MAU. 1909

vol. V Inscriptiones Galliae Cisalpinae Latinae. Edidit TH. MOMMSEN. pars I Inscriptiones regionis Italiae decimae. 1872 (impr. iter. 1959)
  pars II Inscriptiones regionum Italiae undecimae et nonae. 1877

vol. VI Inscriptiones urbis Romae Latinae. Collegerunt G. HENZEN, I. B. DE ROSSI, E. BORMANN, CHR. HUELSEN, M. BANG. pars I Inscriptiones sacrae. Augustorum, magistratuum, sacerdotum. Latercula et tituli militum. Edid. E. BORMANN et G. HENZEN. 1876
  pars II Monumenta columbariorum. Tituli officialium et artificium. Tituli sepulcrales reliqui: A-Claudius. Edid. E. BORMANN, G. HENZEN, CHR. HUELSEN. 1882
  pars III Tituli sepulcrales: Claudius-Plotius. Edid. E. BORMANN, G. HENZEN, CHR. HUELSEN. 1886
  pars IV, fasc. I Tituli sepulcrales: Plotia-Zozon. Inscriptiones varii argumenti. Fragmenta. Edidit CHR. HUELSEN. 1894
  pars IV, fasc. II Additamenta. Edidit CHR. HUELSEN. 1902
  pars IV, fasc. III Additamentorum auctarium. Edidit M. BANG. 1933
  pars V Inscriptiones falsae. Edid. E. BORMANN, G. HENZEN, CHR. HUELSEN. 1885
  pars VI, fasc. I Index nominum. Edidit M. BANG. 1926

vol. VII Inscriptiones Britanniae Latinae. Edidit AEM. HUEBNER. 1873  

vol. VIII Inscriptiones Africae Latinae. Collegit G. WILMANNS. Edidit TH. MOMMSEN. 1881 pars I Inscriptiones Africae proconsularis et Numidiae
  pars II Inscriptiones Mauretaniarum
  Supplementi pars I Inscriptiones Africae proconsularis. Edid. R. CAGNAT, I. SCHMIDT. 1891
  Supplementi pars II Inscriptiones provinciae Numidiae. Edid. R. CAGNAT, I. SCHMIDT. Commentariis instruxerunt I. SCHMIDT, H. DESSAU 1894
  Supplementi pars III Inscriptiones Mauretaniae. Miliaria et instrumentum domesticum. Edid. I. SCHMIDT, R. CAGNAT, H. DESSAU. 1904
  Supplementi pars IV Inscriptiones Africae proconsularis. Edid. R. CAGNAT, H. DESSAU. 1916

vol. IX Inscriptiones Calabriae, Apuliae, Samnii, Sabinorum, Piceni Latinae. Edidit TH. MOMMSEN. 1883  

vol. X Inscriptiones Bruttiorum, Lucaniae, Campaniae, Siciliae, Sardiniae Latinae. Edidit TH. MOMMSEN. 1883 pars I
  pars II

vol. XI Inscriptiones Aemiliae, Etruriae, Umbriae Latinae. Edidit E. BORMANN. pars I Inscriptiones Aemiliae et Etruriae. 1888
  pars II, fasc. 1 Inscriptiones Umbriae, viarum publicarum, instrumenti domestici. 1901
  pars II, fasc. 2 Addenda ad partes priores et indicum capita tria. 1926

vol. XII Inscriptiones Galliae Narbonensis Latinae. Edidit O. HIRSCHFELD. 1888  

vol. XIII Inscriptiones trium Galliarum et Germaniarum Latinae. Edid. O. HIRSCHFELD et C. ZANGEMEISTER. pars I, fasc. 1 Inscriptiones Aquitaniae et Lugudunensis. Edidit O. HIRSCHFELD. 1899
  pars I, fasc. 2 Inscriptiones Belgicae. Edidit O. HIRSCHFELD. 1904
  pars II, fasc. 1 Inscriptiones Germaniae superioris. Edidit C. ZANGEMEISTER. 1905
  pars II, fasc. 2 Inscriptiones Germaniae inferioris. Miliaria Galliarum et Germaniarum. Edid. TH. MOMMSEN, O. HIRSCHFELD, A. DOMASZEWSKI. 1907
  pars III, fasc. 1 Instrumentum domesticum I. Edidit O. BOHN. 1901
  pars III, fasc. 2 Instrumentum domesticum II. Edidit O. BOHN. Insunt signacula medicorum oculariorum. Edidit AEM. ESPÉRANDIEU. 1906
  pars IV Addenda ad partes primam et secundam. Edid. O. HIRSCHFELD et H. FINKE. 1916
  pars VI Signacula publice laterculis impressa. Edidit E. STEIN. Accedunt signacula laterculis a privatis impressa. Edidit E. VOLKMANN. 1933

vol. XIV Inscriptiones Latii veteris Latinae. Edidit H. DESSAU. 1887  
  Supplementum Ostiense. Edidit L. WICKERT. 1930.
  Supplementi Ostiensis fasciculus II. Indices topographicos composuit L. WICKERT. 1933

vol. XV Inscriptiones urbis Romae Latinae. Instrumentum domesticum. Edidit H. DRESSEL pars I Edidit H. DRESSEL. 1891
  pars II, fasc. 1 Edidit H. DRESSEL. 1899

vol. XVI Diplomata militaria. Post TH. MOMMSEN edidit H. NESSELHAUF. 1936  

Priscae Latinitatis monumenta epigraphica. Tabulae lithographae. Edidit FR. RITSCHL. 1862 (impr. iter. 1961 et 1968) ISBN 3-11-001417-3. Accedunt: Priscae Latinitatis epigraphicae supplementa quinque. Edidit FR. RITSCHL. 1862-1864  

Auctarium Exempla scripturae epigraphicae Latinae a Caesaris dictatoris morte ad aet. Iustiniani. Edidit AEM. HUEBNER. 1885  


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