Sunday, March 29, 2020

Digital Syriac Corpus

 [First posted in AWOL 25 May 2018, updated 29 March 2020]

Digital Syriac Corpus$nav-base/resources/images/banner.png
Digital Syriac Corpus is a curated digital repository of TEI encoded texts written in classical Syriac. The interface provides effective browse and search functionality. Use the above search box to perform basic string searches, or browse the corpus by title or by author. The Search Tools button accesses more advanced searches. Individual texts may be downloaded to facilitate publishing projects, such as the production of critical editions, and research, such as more advanced corpus linguistic analysis. We invite users to submit corrections and to contribute digital texts.
+   Abraham of Nathpar (1 works)
+   Ambrose (Ps.-Justin Martyr) (1 works)
+   Anonymous (104 works)
+   Anton of Tagrit (1 works)
+   Aphrahat (24 works)
+   Balai of Balsh (2 works)
+   Bardaisan (1 works)
+   Barlaha (2 works)
+   Dionysius bar Salibi (31 works)

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