Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Open Access Journal: Philologia Classica

Philologia Classica
ISSN 0202-2532
e-ISSN 2618-6969
Philologia Classica is an interdisciplinary periodical publishing research in the field of Classical philology, covering a broad range of topics including Ancient literature, Ancient Greek and Latin languages, textual criticism, papyrology, epigraphy, Indo-European linguistics, history of Ancient art, Ancient philosophy, religion and material culture, provided they are based on the profound knowledge and analysis of ancient texts. Articles on the history of Classical studies and reception of Ancient culture in the Mediaeval (including Byzantine) and Modern European culture are also welcome should they only be firmly grounded in Graeco-Roman antiquity.
“Philologia Classica” provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available contributes to a greater global exchange of knowledge.

2018 year

Issue 13-1

2015 year

Issue 10

2014 year

Issue 9

2011 year

Issue 8

2007 year

Issue 7

2004 year

Issue 6

1997 year

Issue 5

1992 year

Issue 4

1987 year

Issue 3

1982 year

Issue 2

1977 year

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