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Semitic Roots Repository

Semitic Roots Repository
This repository is dedicated to documenting and modelling every single aspect of the Semitic languages. The main database holds a record of all known roots that have been entered so far, and gives many criteria by which to search and compare them.

The script used for the roots is the Ancient South Arabian script known as the "Musnad". This script was chosen because it is the only known Semitic abjad that contains graphemes for all of the known Semitic phonemes. As this abjad has only recently been included in the Unicode specification, it's not included on most Operating Systems. Therefore you'll need to download the Musnad font from our downloads section. The script is fairly easy to learn (only took me about a day or two) and it is a much better choice than using Latin characters, with various modified characters to represent those letters not known in Latin-based alphabets. The use of the Musnad for the roots does not mean the roots are necessarily existent in the Ancient South Arabian languages, the script is being used as a general way to represent common Semitic roots. However when the script appears in a word, then it is being used to represent an Ancient South Arabian word.
Last 30 words added
𐩺𐩣𐩡𐩫QatabanicTo rule, reign
مخضArabicTo churn
𐎎𐎃𐎕UgariticTo dig, hew out
maḫāṣuAkkadianTo beat, strike, wound
𐩣𐩭𐩳QatabanicTo dig, hew out
𐩡𐩣𐩢QatabanicTo spy, look at secretly
لمحArabicTo spy, catch a glance of
𐩡𐩸𐩣QatabanicTo enjoin, require
لزمArabicTo enjoin, require, obligate, necessitate
karābuAkkadianTo pray, bless
𐩩𐩫𐩧𐩨𐩪QatabanicTo dedicate, set apart
𐩫𐩥𐩬QatabanicTo exist, be
𐩺𐩵𐩲QatabanicTo enquire, find out
𐩣𐩼𐩣𐩱𐩩𐩣QatabanicUnirrigated, dry
ظمأArabicTo be thirsty
𐩼𐩡𐩣𐩩QatabanicA statue
𐩭𐩩𐩣𐩺QatabanicTo stamp, seal
𐩭𐩷𐩱𐩩𐩬QatabanicA crime, transgression
𐩭𐩥𐩡QatabanicTo direct, administer
خبلArabicTo derange, stupefy, madden
𐩭𐩨𐩡𐩣QatabanicOne who defaces, damages
חָבַלHebrewTo corrupt, destroy spoil
አደሰAmharicTo renew, make new
𐩢𐩧𐩻QatabanicTo cultivate, terrace, plow
𐩢𐩧𐩣𐩥QatabanicTo be forbidden
𐩩𐩢𐩳𐩧QatabanicTo be present

Semitic Roots database currently contains 2286 words derived from 467 distinct roots.

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