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Foundation for Archaeological Research of the Land of Israel: Ancient Pottery Database

 [First posted in AWOL 28 November 2013, updated 14 July 2018]

 Foundation for Archaeological Research of the Land of Israel: Ancient Pottery Database
FARLI, The Foundation for Archaeological Research in the Land of Israel (RA), was founded on November 10th, 2009, as a non-profit organization aiming to advance and promote  archaeological research in Israel, support archaeological projects, help preserve and develop archaeological and heritage sites, develop and promote new technological tools in the service of archaeology, and support research concerning the archaeology and history of the southern Levant.

In this spirit FARLI founded this site, aiming to become a valuable tool for archaeologists, archaeology students and archaeology enthusiasts world wide. Here you will find a growing database of ancient pottery assemblages, divided into the regions and periods in which they were found, subdivided into type categories including all the valuable information we can provide such as; a list of archaeological sites in which they were found, special features, measurements and a bibliographical reference.

The main focus of this site will be on the pottery of the Southern Levant, with special emphasis on the pottery of the Holy Land throughout the periods. However we aim to develop this site to include other geographical regions in the Ancient Near East complete with their own unique chronology.

If you wish to help us with additional data please send the material to:

FARLI is a non-profit organization and needs your support to continue operating. If you wish to contribute to us please follow this link or the link appearing on the left. We thank you and hope you will find this site both enjoyable and enriching.

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