Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Association for the Protection of Syrian Archaeology

 [First posted in AWOL 27 June 2013, updated 19 July 2018]

The Association for the Protection of Syrian Archaeology
The Association for the protection of Syrian Archaeology (or APSA) has been first a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. It is now a Website in order to facilitate browsing and list a greater number of news items. It is intended above all to inform, that is, to gather and publish news about the threats and damages currently suffered by the Syrian archaeological and historical heritage. It is also designed to alert the scientific community and international authorities, either cultural or political. Its content is made of wires, press articles and videos. Wires are authored by the administrators of the page. They disclose information that have been verified beforehand. Sources remain confidential for security reasons. Members of the APSA are primarily voluntary people who are eager to contribute their skills (in the domains of science, journalism, web technology etc.) in safeguarding the Syrian heritage. They are Syrian citizens and also nationals of other countries.

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