Friday, July 20, 2018

Open Access Journal: The Silk Road: The journal of the Silk road Foundation

[First posted in AWOL  11 December 2009. Updated 20 July 2018]

The Silk Road: The journal of the Silk road Foundation
ISSN: 2153-2060
Our journal is dedicated to public education about the history and cultures of Eurasia, especially in pre-modern times. While we invoke the historic "Silk Road" in our title, our view of the Silk Roads is an expansive one, encompassing pre-history, the era beginning with the establishment of trans-Eurasian trade and cultural interaction some two millennia ago, and the subsequent history of those interactions down through the centuries. Modern evocations of cultural traditions are of interest, especially in the areas which historically have been the domain of pastoral nomads. We publish articles by well known scholars and those who have other expertise on the regions and material of interest. Where possible we are communicating the results of the latest research, including new archaeological investigations. The journal also serves as the means to alert readers about upcoming programs connected with Silk Road topics.
Note: Volume 15 (2017) of The Silk Road is the last one that will be printed in hard copy at the same time it is posted on-line at the Silkroad Foundation website. The electronic publication of the journal will continue at The Silk Road , which already has an archive of all the volumes of the journal to date and links to all the individual articles. All future submissions for the journal should be sent to the new editor, Prof. Justin Jacobs, whose contact information is posted on that website.
All the earlier volumes of the journal are now archived, with links to individual articles, at Issues. All future numbers of the journal will be found there.

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