Saturday, November 5, 2016

Open Access Journal: Exegetical Tools Quarterly

Exegetical Tools Quarterly
ISSN: 2378-4849
In contrast to other journals, our Exegetical Tools Quarterly is strictly resource-driven. Each issue will contain all of Exegetical Tools’ posts for the last three months. This includes our categories of book reviews, featured resources, new books, research resources, and will also include our posts on current issues. The result is a convenient and extensive collection of reviews and write-ups on all the latest resources that will equip you for exegesis, languages, theology, ministry, and more. 

Our Table of Contents is fully clickable. Find a title you’re interested in and click it. You will be taken directly to that post. In the top right of every page is a “Back to Table of Contents” link to take you right back to the Table of Contents to find more titles that interest you. Links in each post will take you directly to Amazon or the WTS Bookstore (depending on the book) to browse, preview, or buy any of the resources 

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