Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The RES-project (Revised Encoding Scheme for hieroglyphic)

The RES-project (Revised Encoding Scheme for hieroglyphic)
This is the home page of the RES encoding scheme for hieroglyphic.

General documentation

  • M.-J. Nederhof. A Revised Encoding Scheme for Hieroglyphic. In Proceedings of the XIV Computer-aided Egyptology Round Table, Pisa, Italy, July 2002. [pdf]
  • M.-J. Nederhof. The Manuel de Codage encoding of hieroglyphs impedes development of corpora. In S. Polis and J. Winand, editors, Texts, Languages & Information Technology in Egyptology, pp. 103-110. Presses Universitaires de Liège, 2013. [pdf]

Description of the encoding scheme

The implementation: res2image

(The implementation from the download link below is in C. This is not maintained at present. I recommend that you use the alternative implementation in Java.)



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