Monday, October 12, 2015

Open Access Publications of Emanuel Tov

 [First posted in AWOL 10 November 2010, updated 12 October 2015]

Open Access Publications of Emanuel Tov
Sources: Books are presented here as they appear in public domain websites. In addition, Scribal Practices 1-2 and all the papers present PDF files of the manuscripts submitted to the respective publishers. In all these cases minute changes have been inserted in the printed versions. Words in pink refer to changes subsequent to the publication. 

Hebrew: The files included in this website were first recorded in different versions of MS-Word, and then converted to MS-Word 2004. In the wake of this conversion a few Hebrew word pairs now appear in the wrong order.

Books written or edited

Collected Papers 1999 - The Greek and Hebrew Bible

Collected Papers 2008 - Hebrew Bible, Greek Bible and Qumran


Varia (the numbers refer to the bibliography )

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