Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Oriental Institute's on-line Photographic Archives

Oriental Institute's on-line Photographic Archives
  1. Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Sudan (66 Photographs)
  2. Persepolis and Ancient Iran (967 Photographs)
  3. The 1905–1907 Breasted Expeditions to Egypt and The Sudan (1055 Photographs)
  4. Breasted's 1919-1920 Expedition to the Near East (1,875 Photographs)
Items 2-4 were originally published by the University of Chicago Press in one of their text/fiche series. One more volume of that series remains the last undigitised publication from the Oriental Institute: Nasgowitz, David. 1981. Ptolemais Cyrenaica. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

For an up to date list of all Oriental Institute publications available online see:

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