Saturday, October 24, 2015

More than 700 Greco-Roman mints updated in Nomisma

More than 700 Greco-Roman mints updated in Nomisma
Thanks to Ryan Baumann's work of creating a concordance between geographic identifiers in the Pleiades Gazetteer of Ancient Places and the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names, Dan Pett of the British Museum was able to build on this work to incorporate these concordances into the Portable Antiquities Scheme database. Dan's Nomisma-Pleiades-TGN concordance R script is on Github.

Dan then emailed the Nomisma listserv with a large CSV document of all mints in the PAS database, with associated Nomisma IDs, Getty, BM, Geonames, dbPedia, Pleiades, etc. I stripped away all of the mints that don't already have Nomisma IDs so that I could upload the CSV into Google Sheets, which then makes it possible to import data from the Atom representation of this spreadsheet into the Nomisma RDF. I expanded all of the concordance ID columns into full URIs for the Nomisma spreadsheet validation process, and then successfully updated 721 Greco-Roman mints to add Getty, BM, Geonames, and dbPedia URIs as skos:closeMatch objects. Further, the spreadsheet import process parsed the dbPedia URIs to perform Wikidata lookup, enabling us to add further concordances extracted from Wikidata--including the Wikidata URI itself, plus GND, BnF, and Freebase identifiers. The Wikidata lookup also adds additional translations as skos:prefLabels in from article titles in other languages.

As a result, we have added more than a dozen new translations for Zeugma and a few additional URIs.
Friday, October 23, 2015

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