Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Open Accesss Monograph Series: Harvard African Studies

Harvard African Studies
Anthropological and archaeological research has been published by the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology since 1888, when the first volume of the Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology appeared. In 2014 the Peabody Museum Press initiated a collaboration with Harvard Library Preservation and Digital Imaging Services to scan classic out-of-print Peabody Museum publications and make viewable files available online.
We are very pleased to launch this initiative with the posting of Harvard African Studies, Volume X: Varia Africana V. This 487-page volume has been digitized thanks to a generous gift made in honor of the memory of Dr. Lyndon Marcus Hill and Dr. Marjorie White Hill, by their children...
Volume 1. 1917. Varia Africana I, edited by Oric Bates and F. H. Sterns. Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt. Thirteen chapters and editorial notes.

Volume 2. 1918, Varia Africana II, edited by Oric Bates. Memorial introduction by Archibald Cary Coolidge. Eleven chapters and editorial notes. 

Volume 3. 1922. Varia Africana III, edited by E. A. Hooton, Natica I. Bates, and Ruth Otis Sawtell. Four chapters.

Volume 4. 1923. An English-Nubian Comparative Dictionary, by G. W. Murray

Volume 5. 1923. Excavations at Kerma (Parts I–III), by George A. Reisner. 

Volume 6. 1923. Excavations at Kerma (Parts IV–V), by George A. Reisner

Volume 7. 1925. The Ancient Inhabitants of the Canary Islands, by Earnest A. Hooton

Volume 8. 1927. Varia Africana IV, edited by E. A. Hooton and Natica I. Bates. Four chapters. 

Volume 9. 1931. Tribes of the Rif, by Carleton Stevens Coon

Volume 10. 1932. Varia Africana V, edited by E. A. Hooton and Natica I. Bates. Three chapters. 

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