Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Classical Anthology

The Classical Anthology
The Classical Anthology is a collection of beautiful, inspiring and memorable passages from Greek and Latin literature, each with a translation so that anyone can enjoy them and share them. It includes anything written in Greek or Latin, from earliest times to the present day.
The anthology is for anyone to enjoy and anyone can contribute, whether you have a Doctorate, did Latin for a year at school, or none at all. The more contributions the better!
  • Read passages chosen by some of the world’s leading Classicists, with their personal insights on them.
  • Re-visit well-loved passages and discover new authors and works.
  • Anyone can contribute and enjoy the passages in translation, without needing any Latin or Greek.
  • The Anthology brings together Classicists worldwide and provides links to many other websites of Classical interest.

Teaching Suggestions

  • Teachers and students can use the passages to enrich literature or language study; many passages come with specific suggestions on how they may be used in this way.
  • Lots of teaching suggestions are available here.
  • Further suggestions are most welcome and can be added to the passages.

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