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Open Access Journal: Electronic Journal of Mithraic Studies

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Electronic Journal of Mithraic Studies
The Electronic Journal of Mithraic Studies (EJMS) is a revival of the Journal of Mithraic Studies edited by Dr. Richard Gordon. It is a place where researchers on Roman Mithraism can publish the product of their research and make it freely available for other interested people. The journal concerns all aspects of the mysteries of Mithras, including history, archaeology, theology, sociology, others. Its span includes related religions and cults such as Persian Zoroastrianism and other cults in the Roman Empire. The EJMS is based at the University of Huelva, Spain, and is managed by an Editorial Board composed of scholars of Mithraism and Roman Religion with international projection. A more complete description is included in our formal baseline document.

The material published in the EJMS includes papers and archaeological reports. Accepted languages are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch and Flemish. The EJMS follows an "open yearly volumes" approach suitable for Internet publication which consists on gradually building its volumes during the year, while keeping currently collected material accessible all the time. The EJMS has now opened Volume I for the year 2000 and asks for your participation.

Submitted material is subject to referee by the Editorial Board or external reviewers appointed by th Editorial Board. Electronic submission can be performed by sending the documents as email attachments to The first page of the document should include the title of the work, complete name of the authors, their affiliation, name of contact author and respective email address. Submitted papers should preferably be Word 97 or compatible documents conforming to the parameters defined in the EJMS stylesheet.


- Schütz (M.), "Hipparchs Deutung der Präzession - Bemerkungen zu David Ulansey" (Once again Hipparchus and the Discovery of the Precession, Response to David Ulansey, Volume IV, 2004 (German, Word 97, 82.5 KB)
- Gordon (R.), "Interpreting Mithras in the Late Renaissance, 1: the 'monument of Ottaviano Zeno' (V. 335) in Antonio Lafreri's Speculum Romanae magnificentiaev (1564)", Volume IV, 2004 (English, Word 2000, 4630 KB)
- Volken (M.), "The development of the cult of Mithras in the western Roman Empire: a socio-archaeological perspective", Volume IV, 2004 (English, Word 2000, 125.5 KB)
- Ulansey (D.), "Once Again Hipparchus and the Discovery of the Precession: Response to Michael Schütz", Volume III, 2003 (English, Word 2000)
- Schütz (M.), "Hipparch und die Entdeckung der Präzession", Volume I, 2000 (German, Word 97)
- Griffith (A.), "Mithraism in private and public lives of the 4th-c. senators in Rome", Volume I, 2000 (English, Word 97)
Arch Reports
    - Gordon, Richard: "Archaeological Notes 2003", EJMS, Volume III, 2003 (English, Zipped Word 2000)
    - Gordon, Richard: "The mithraeum at Mundelsheim, Lkr. Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg)", EJMS, Volume II, 2001 (English, Zipped Word 2000)
    - Gordon, Richard: "A new Mithraic relief in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem", a summary of A. de Jong, "A new Syrian Mithraic Tauroctony", Bulletin of the Asia Institute n.s. 11 (1997) [2000], 53-63, EJMS, Volume II, 2001 (English, Zipped Word 2000)
    - Griffith, Alison B. : "A New Mithraeum in Hawarti, Syria", EJMS, Volume I, 2000 (English, Zipped Word 97)
    - Gordon, Richard: "Mithraeum in Güglingen, Landkreis Heilbronn (Baden-Württemberg), Germany", EJMS, Volume I, 2000 (English, Zipped Word97)
    - Gordon, Richard: "Mithraeum in the vicus of Wiesloch, Lkr. Rhein-Neckar (Baden-Württemberg), Germany", EJMS, Volume I, 2000 (English, Zipped Word97)

      CIMRM Supplement

      This page presents selected articles from out-of-print or difficult to find publications, not protected by copyright law.

      Journal of Mithraic Studies (JMS)

      Volume III (1980)

      (Coming soon)

      Volume II, Number 2 (1978)

      Table of Contents (Zipped JPEG, 64 KB)
      Roger Beck: Interpreting the Ponza Zodiac II (Zipped JPEG, 6.1MB )
      Richard Gordon: The date and significance of CIMRM 593 (Zipped JPEG, 2.5MB)
      Archaeological reports (Zipped JPEG, 4.9MB)
      Reviews (Zipped JPEG, 1.5MB)
      Colloque: Rome, 28-31 March 1978 (Zipped JPEG, 143KB)

      Volume I, Number 2 (1976)

      Table of Contents (JPEG, 38 KB)
      Richard Gordon: The sacred geography of a mithraeum: the example of Sette Sfere (Zipped JPEG, 5.5MB)
      Richard Gordon: A new Mithraic relief from Rome (Zipped JPEG, 2.8MB)
      Archaeological reports (Zipped JPEG, 1.7MB)
      Roger Beck: A note on the scorpion in the tauroctony (Zipped JPEG, 246KB)
      Richard Gordon: A note on the 'mithraeum' at Cyrene (Zipped JPEG, 1.49MB)
      Henri Lavagne: Eléments nouveaux au dossier iconographique du mithraeum de Bourg-Saint-Andéol (Ardèche) (Zipped JPEG, 302KB)

      Volume I, Number 1 (1976)

      Editorial Information and Table of Contents (Zipped JPEG, 112KB)
      Plates (Zipped JPEG, 996 KB)
      Roger Beck: Interpreting the Ponza Zodiac (Zipped JPEG, 3.21MB )
      A.D. H. Bivar: Mithraic symbols on a medallion of Buyid Iran? (Zipped JPEG, 996KB)
      John R. Hinnells: The iconography of Cautes and Cautopates: I: the data (Zipped JPEG, 3.28MB)
      Robert Turcan: The date of the Mauls relief (Zipped JPEG, 1.38MB)
      Roger Beck: The seat of Mithras at the equinoxes: Porphyry, De Antro Nympharum 24 (Zipped JPEG, 604KB)


      The Excavations at Dura-Europos (1939)

      Preface, Contents and List of Abreviations
      The Mithaeum

      The Excavations in the Mithraeum of Santa Prisca in Rome (Leiden, 1965)

      Description and interpretation of the upper layer of paintings
      Description and interpretation of the lower layer of paintings
      The inscriptions of the upper layer of paintings and the names on both layers
      The inscriptions of the lower layer of paintings



      1. Many thanks for kindly publishing these useful articles online. Very interesting material.
        I'm wondering if it possible for you to reload pages from Beck's 2nd Ponza article which Windows won't extract for some reason. Most pages are fine, but the following can't be retrieved: 88, 90, 92, 93/94, 96, 101, 103, 104, 106, 108, 143, 145, 147. Also the page labelled 93 is actually 94 (and the final page 148 is the 1st page of the next article). It would be great to read them if possible. Thanks.

        1. I have no control over the content of this journal. You might try contacting Beck, whose email is listed at the site.