Thursday, October 8, 2015

Announcement: Crowdsourcing Cappelli's Lexicon abbreviaturarum

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The Ad fontes project ( is going to hack Cappelli!

We want to digitally hack the Lexicon abbreviaturarum of Adriano Cappelli into pieces in order to digitize and make each and every abbreviation systematically searchable.

The „Cappelli“, printed in 1899, is a benchmark book for abbreviations in Latin and Italian, containing about 15'000 abbreviations.

By crowdsourcing Cappelli, the abbreviations are going to be searchable beyond alphabetical traits. Browsing through the pages of Cappelli will be a thing of the past. You will be able to filter the abbreviations by identified letters or the position of abbreviation or contraction signs.

The data gathered will be made available to the public for free (using a creative commons license).

We aim to digitize all of Cappelli’s abbreviations by the end of 2015.

Help us hack Cappelli and be part of this global endeavor (see also the trailer:

For inquiries and questions:
Tobias Hodel

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