Wednesday, May 22, 2024

“Here we fought, sacred Greece to save”: A tribute do Luísa de Nazaré Ferreira. Volume II

Carmen Soares
University of Coimbra
Marta González González
University of Málaga
Nuno Simões Rodrigues
University of Lisbon  
Neste lugar, a sagrade Hélade Salvámos II

This volume brings together studies in honour of Luísa de Nazaré Ferreira. Researchers from different scientific domains reflect on themes related to Ancient Greece and Ancient History, but also to other areas of History, Literature, Politics and Religion. Salamis is the main axis around which Vol. I is organised – literary testimonies, their impact on History and the reception in Art and Literature. Vol. II gathers various contributions, from Ancient Egypt and Rome to the Modern and Contemporary

March 7, 2024

Details about the available publication format: PDF

ISBN-13 (15)


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